Carry Out Cafe Menu

Inside Peter's Market

4617 Turney Road

Garfield Hts., OH 44125


Lunch Hours

Fridays only
11:00am - 6:30pm


Friday Hot Food Menu

Please order by number

***NEW ITEM*** Cleveland Polish Boy  $5.95

                               -Our homemade Polish Boy sausage served on a bun with hand cut fries, BBQ sauce and coleslaw

  1. Fish Fry: Alaskan Pollock with your choice of 5 Pierogi or 2 Potato Pancakes or Potato Wedges and Cole Slaw: $6.95
  2. Potato Pancakes and Goulash: With Pickle: $6.95
  3. Goulash: With choice of Spaetzels or Potato Dumplings and Pickle: $6.95
  4. Corned Beef with Potato Pancakes: With Pickle: $8.95
  5. Corned Beef Sandwich: With Pickle: $6.95
  6. Smoked Cottage Ham Sandwich: With Pickle: $4.95
  7. Sausage Sandwich: Italian Sausage or Smoked Kielbassi with Sauteed Onions on a Bun: $4.95
  8. Fish Sandwich: With Pickle and Cole Sale: $4.95
  9. Pierogi: 10 Pierogi of Your Choice* with Cole Slaw and Sour Cream Potato, Potato Cheese, Cheese or Kraut: $5.95
  10. Potato Pancakes: 4 Potato Pancakes with Sour Cream and Apple Sauce: $5.95
  11. Pierogi and Potato Pancakes: 5 Pierogi and 2 Potato Pancakes with Cole Slaw and Sour Cream: $5.95
  12. Cabbage and Noodles: Your Choice of 5 Pierogi or 2 Potato Pancakes or Dumplings and Pickle: $5.95

Side Orders

Crepes Suzette (piece): $1.50

Alaskan Pollock (piece): $2.00

Cabbage & Noodles: $2.00

Cool Ranch Potato Wedges: $2.00

Horse radish: $0.50

Dumplings: $1.50

Spaetzels: $1.50

Pierogi (piece): $0.65

Potato Pancakes: $1.50

Pickle: $0.25

Cole Slaw: $2.00

Sour Cream: $1.50