The family business providing high quality food products for over 30 years, all products are home made with all natural ingredients and are based on old fashion recipes with easy to follow heating instructions.

Sophie’s Choice Pierogi

Sophie’s Choice Pierogi are simply amazing. 20 years of working on the family recipe, and the taste has never been better! Whether you’re into pierogi-based dinners or simply enjoy serving them as a tasty side dish, you can always bet that Sophie’s Choice Pierogi are going to be first to disappear from the dinner table! Be sure to explore the wide range of pierogi offered — from potato pierogi to prune pierogi, we’re sure you’ll find one that’s right for you!

Peter’s Market, the Home of the “King of Kielbasa”

Choose from the traditional varieties, Smoked Kielbasa, Fresh Kielbasa or Slovenian Sausage. Not what you are looking for, our Sausage Category to see the other sausage varieties that are available.